How much confetti do I need?

So how much confetti do I need?  This is hands down the most common confetti relared question we are asked so we have created the Imperfectly Perfect Biodegradable Confetti Guide to help.

  • 1 litre of confetti petals will fill about 10 confetti cones or 20 small bags or give between 12-15 handfuls.

  • 1 pint of confetti is equal to half a litre of confetti so would fill about 5 cones or 10 small bags.

  • Our pre-filled small bags of confetti contain a small handful which is ample for individual guests.

Many couples will provide petals for 50-75% of the guests though for smaller weddings you might think about every guest having some confetti to create a lovely full confetti shot moment.  The choice is yours though and we are happy to provide confetti from 1-1000 guests!


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