Happy to fill your little confetti bags yourself? Then order from this 10 guest DIY Biodegradable Confetti listing to receive half a litre of biodegradable confetti, 10 little bags to fill plus 10 Throw Me stickers to seal the bags. If you have more than 10 guests then just increase the quantity e.g. for 80 guests put quantity 8 and you'll receive 4 litres plus 80 little bags and stickers.


All our confetti mixes are 100% biodegradable flower petal confetti. This deal uses our Pink Ivory Lace rose petal mix which is a super pretty, classic pink and ivory colour scheme and is also great value for a pink confetti at just £5 for half a litre plus the bags and stickers. Please note that the colour of the pink petals can vary from batch to batch; some may be light pink and some may be a darker pink but it will always be beautiful!

Confetti DIY Packs for 10 guests inc Confetti, Bags/Stickers