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What They’re Saying

Imperfectly Perfect have been immersed in all things petal confetti since 2017.  We started in a very small way on Facebook but rapidly expanded to Ebay, Etsy and Amazon once we realised there was a real demand for beautiful but affordable biodegradable petal confetti.  This website is our latest baby and it's allowing us to showcase all our confetti products in one place - we hope you love it as much as we do x

About Us

We know how important it is to read reviews of the sellers you are buying from online - we completely get that buyers need to be reassured the company is real and the product is good.  Whilst we are growing our website reach we have decided to link here to our Ebay shop where we have in excess of 1200 positive reviews for the confetti products available on this website.  Of course as our website reach grows we'll be encouraging our website customers to also leave reviews on the website but we hope for now that our top rated and solid Ebay ratings will help to reassure.  You can, of course, purchase from us via Ebay but the best discounted rates and special offers will always be available via our website.  Here's the link to our Ebay shop - happy reading: