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Happy to fill your little confetti bags yourself? Then order from this 50 guest DIY Biodegradable Confetti listing to receive 2.5 litres of biodegradable confetti, 50 little bags to fill plus 50 Throw Me stickers to seal the bags.


Choose from our 2 most popular biodegradable confetti mixes - Vintage, or Vintage Summer. These mixes are all 100% biodegradable flower petal confetti . Our Vintage mixes represent amazing value for money being beautiful yet affordable at just £21 for 2.5 litres plus the bags and stickers. These mixes are based on little red and pink rose petals mixed through with lavender buds (the Summer version has vibrant yellow marigold strands added in); the scent is amazing! If you can’t decide between the 2 then just choose our half and half option to get both mixes ☺️


Choose your Confetti Mix from the drop down menu -you'll see a pic of each mix to help you choose.

This listing and includes personalised stickers in 5 designs . Include a note with the sticker design (see main photos for sticker names) and the names of the couple and wedding date.

Confetti DIY Pack for 50 guests inc Confetti, Bag, Personalised Stickers