About Biodegradable Flower Petal Confetti from Imperfectly Perfect Confetti

We supply 100% biodegradable real flower petal confetti to sprinkle some magic in your confetti shot moments.  Just perfect for weddings, baby showers, special birthdays; just about any celebration you can think of can be made so much more special by adding in our beautiful biodegradable confetti petals!  Most of the biodegradable petals we supply come from UK growers specialising in biodegradable petal confetti, in particular our luxury delphinium range of biodegradable confetti.  Using biodegradable petal confetti means you can add some eco credentials to your celebration and it is also increasingly the only type of confetti that UK venues will accept so... come on...sprinkle some petal confetti magic on your special moments.

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Biodegradable Confetti

Buy your confetti either loose by the litre from just £5 per litre or in pre packed little glassine or clear cello bags including Throw Me stickers from just 38p per bag.  Amazing value for this beautiful biodegradable confetti.

Confetti Calculator

How much confetti do I need?

So how much confetti do I need?  This is hands down the most common confetti relared question we are asked so we have created the Imperfectly Perfect Biodegradable Confetti Guide to help.

  • 1 litre of confetti petals will fill about 10 confetti cones or 20 small bags or give between 12-15 handfuls.

  • 1 pint of confetti is equal to half a litre of confetti so would fill about 5 cones or 10 small bags.

  • Our pre-filled small bags of confetti contain a small handful which is ample for individual guests.

Many couples will provide petals for 50-75% of the guests though for smaller weddings you might think about every guest having some confetti to create a lovely full confetti shot moment.  The choice is yours though and we are happy to provide confetti from 1-1000 guests!


How do I hand out the confetti?

Well, if you are the bride or groom then you don't need to do this - you will be busy!  Organise in advance for the bridesmaids or groomsmen (or a combination of both) to do this for you and be your Confetti Chiefs!  If you want to hand out the confetti loose in handfuls (a very popular eco choice as it requires no packaging) then have it in a basket or bucket or other pretty container and get the Confetti Chiefs to organise the guests to grab a handful (this way they can make sure 1 or 2 guests don't get carried away and grab the whole bucket!).

Filled confetti cones or individual little glassine bags can be placed in pretty baskets and then passed around before the confetti shot moment - again by your Confetti Chiefs!


How do I get the perfect confetti shot?

If you are using a photographer then he or she will undoubtedly be the architect of your perfect confetti shot moment.  Make sure you tell your photographer in advance that you want a confetti shot photo - and just how important it is to you!  The photographer should be well used to directing confetti shots and you can talk through where the best location for your confetti shot is and the kind of backdrops you would love to see in your confetti shot.  Let your photographer direct the guests as this will ensure everyone is throwing the confetti at the right time and in the right direction to create the maximum impact for your gorgeous confetti shot.


Types of throwing confetti petals

Imperfectly Perfect Confetti sell a range of different throwing confetti biodegradable petals.  Our Vintage mixes are all based around dried little rose petals and cornflowers and lavender - such a pretty and budget friendly biodegradable confetti choice.  Our luxury delphinium mixes are beautiful little fluttery petals that work amazingly well on their own or mixed through our Vintage mixes.  You can even just use lavender petals on their own - these are heavier so will fall quickly rather than flutter but when thrown in volume will create an amazing cascade of purple raining down (but you gotta love lavender for this one as it will get everywhere!!).


Need any more information?

Just drop us an email to contact@imperfectlyperfectconfetti.com using the Contact button below and we'll get back to you asap to start your confetti experience.


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